Call center VOIP Termination

Easily route your high-volume concurrent calls for less.
A large demand for predictive dialing services have debuted over the last couple of years as technology has made it more cost effective for contact centers to expand their workforce, both in numbers and geographically. Predictive dialing services are typically used by telemarketing organizations and political campaigns. Because of the unique nature of these types of services (including low answer percentages and low average call duration’s), the wholesale terms and conditions are different from normal termination services.

The biggest differences are the elimination of low call duration penalties and restrictions on the number of calls per second allowed. A dialer service is important for businesses because it helps handle high call volumes efficiently. It routes your concurrent calls over a converged IP network, connecting directly to the PSTN in order to eliminate the need for PRIs. This, in turn, helps you to vastly reduce your costs.

Dialer services are most popular for calling into the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and China.

Our Special Price Fixed Mobile
USA CC $0.0052
CANADA CC $0.0040
UK CC (Tier 1 CLI Route Accepts Short ANI) $0.0040 $0.0130
China CC DTMF $ 0.045
Australia CC $.0085 $0.0295
South Africa CC
India CC 0.013 0.013
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